Adoption Photography
Adoption Photography


WHO PAYS: Anyone can pay for this session. However, in my experience, it has been a gift from the adoptive couple to the birth mom. IT'S MEANING: The photographs and books benefit all parties involved. After speaking to many birth moms, they mentioned that those pictures are something they can hold onto and cherish for years. For the children, they will have something to remind them that their birth moms loved them dearly and placed them to give them more than could be given at that time. For the adoptive family, they will have the moments that didn’t happen during nine months of pregnancy: a baby kick, the ultra sound, the heartbeat or any pictures of the journey. I know for myself that the moment my sweet boy was placed in my arms, I was able to experience all that I missed, and I was filled with a rush of love and peace for God’s unanswered prayers throughout my journey. My little one was my miracle.

OUR STORY: When we adopted our little boy, we only had a point and shoot camera, but I will always cherish those simple pictures. If I would have thought of it, I would have hired a professional photographer but with only two weeks notice my mind was elsewhere. I look at those photos of his first days at the hospital at least a hundred times a year. So much emotion was there and though words can't describe it, the pictures have said it all.


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HOW IT WORKS: Typically, I arrive an hour before placement and after the birth mom has relinquished custody. During this time, I am available to capture the sacred, precious moments of both the birth mom and baby and the adoptive family holding their new infant. Showing the love involved from all angles creates cherished moments that will last a lifetime.